Short Book Reviews (April)

These short book reviews were kindly requested by Lean Stone Book Club.

Music History by Andrew Sullivan

Music history is a book written for an audience that wishes to discover the truth about its history. It is an excellent book, in my opinion, for music teachers, music institutes and universities that teach music as an introduction to their pupils

Besides covering the history of modern music, classical, jazz, and rock music; this book also educates you in what electronic music means, where pop music originated from and what moral, emotional, political, and cultural impact music has on humans.




Washington: US Presidents by William D. Willis

This book covers the presidency of George Washington, the founding fathers, the American Revolution and the U.S. Constitution.

I found the chapters to be short and felt that the book provided a small amount of information on the chosen presidents. There was no extraordinary reveal on the historical references made. In addition to that, one could easily find this material for free by just using wiki or Google. There is nothing novel about this book, and I failed to understand the point of why this book is even needed.



Middle Easter History by Raymond C. Nelson

This book is an absolutely perfect read for someone looking for real, authentic, and un-bias knowledge about the Middle East. Starting from the Sumerian’s to the Ottoman Empire, the book informs you of holy wars and cities that were conducted back in those days. Persians, people of Israel, and Egypt are among the list of discussions. I especially enjoyed reading on the influence West has had in the Middle East. I recommend this book to people that like to read on the topic in question.

Medicine by Joseph Hennis

I enjoyed reading this book because it provides sufficient information on current day medical issues such as cancer, obesity, nursing, and surgery. It also provides back story on the subjects mentioned and discusses vaccinations and the usage of antibiotics.

What this book could have benefited from were pictures. Medicine is an intense subject, and sometimes a tiresome topic to read. If this book is aimed at the general audience then some kind of a visual form of attention-grabbing would assist in keeping the reader interest.


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