June Short Book Reviews (Part Two)

Lean Stone Book Club kindly requested these short book reviews.

Etiquette: A Guide to the Most Common Etiquette Rules and Social Situations where Etiquette Matters by Niel Schreiber

Etiquette is a wonderful book written about how you should behave and interact in social situations. Whether it is a family event or an official work related gathering, this book attempts to inform you on basic civil behavior that would increase your likeability and social calendar.

The only thing that I could recommend in improving this book would be to include pictures. The additional images would assist the reader in understanding the etiquettes such as, dinner table arrangements and other forms of mannerism that require measuring.

Nothing is more delighting to read about how much our mind and spirits are dependants, to social interactions. When the Internet and social networking now consumes all of our lives, many of our youth and even young adults are denied the knowledge of how to behave when they are at a party or a restaurant. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wishes to learn more on how to act when publicly interacting.

Afternoon Tea: Inspiration and How to Host the Perfect Afternoon Tea Party at Your Home by Tadio Diller

Afternoon Tea is a book written about everything to do with tea. It informs the reader on how to select your tea and recipes to compliment it. The book also manages to cover some historical facts about tea, which I enjoyed. Being British as I am, tea is very important in our culture and to read about how to prepare a perfect afternoon having tea, was very interesting to me.

I felt the book is ideally suited for an audience that appreciates a good cup of tea and nothing could beat the fact that a little knowledge of etiquette, can go a long way as well. I recommend this book to anyone that cares about tea and socializing.

Written by Jeyran Main


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