I am opening a new chapter here at Review Tales. It has been a while since I have wanted to make some changes and broaden the topics and subjects discussed on this website. As versatile as Review Tales is, I have decided to add some English and History lessons to the content of the page.

I know that I have many followers from across the world. English is not everyone’s first language and so I believe it will benefit them as much as it will benefit us, in refreshing our knowledge.

History is what makes and shapes us today. It is important, in my opinion, to learn from the past in order to create a better world.

The Topics For English Will Be:



Reading Fiction

Reading Nonfiction


The Topics For History Will Be:

The First Humans

First Civilizations

The Middle Ages

Renaissance and Reformation

The Age of Exploration

Revolution and Enlightenment 

The Era of Imperialism

World Conflicts in the Early Twentieth Century

Post World War II: The World from 1945 to Today 

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you are interested in this new chapter, then let me know!

Jeyran Main

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