Chapter 4- Lesson 1- Verbals



A verbal is just a label for something that has to do with a verb.


Verbal Phrases are phrases that begin with verbs. There are three types of Verbal Phrases:








A gerund is a noun that turns into a verb. You just add –ing to it. For example:


Run = Running

Think = Thinking

Play = Playing



A Participle is a verb that turns into an adjective. There are two kinds of Participles:


Past Participle:

Usually, ends in –n, -en, -t, -et, -d and acts like an adjective.

For example: Half- eaten apple or Ruined castle


Present Participles:

Usually, ends in –ing and its used with another verb. It also acts like an adjective.

For example: She was eating an apple or They were ruining a castle.



Written by Jeyran Main

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