Chapter 6- Verbs AND Mood

Yes! A verb can be in a mood but the mood of a verb does not tell us how a verb feels. It rather tells us how the person who is acting the verb, feels.

Mood of Verbs


The moods of a verb have completely different names than a person’s mood.


Indicative Verbs are used when we state a fact.


For example:


I biked

I bike

I will bike


Imperative Verbs are used when we tell someone what to do.


For example:


Get out of bed

Open the door


Interrogative Verbs are used when we ask a question.

For example:


Will I see if I can go out tonight.

Will you help me with carrying this junk?


Conditional Verbs are used when something else has to happen before the action described by the verb can occur.


For example:


If you leave food on the table, he might eat it.

He would look nice if he wore something new.


Subjunctive Verbs are used when we describe thoughts or wishes that might not come true.


For example:


I wish wasn’t so fat.

I suggest you go upstairs and clean your room.


Written by Jeyran Main

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