Against All Odds by Danielle Steel (Book Review #290)

Against all odds is a contemporary fiction novel written about Kate and her four children. Kate is a widow and has her own business selling second-hand designer/antique clothes. Her children are her main focus. The novel is all about Kate’s life and her children’s trials and tribulations.

Being a long time Danielle Steel reader, I was expecting the same lyrical and descriptive literature I am accustomed to. The author does not disappoint in providing a smooth and steady pace of an easy reading plot and character introduction. What I found to be tedious was the fact that halfway through the book, I was still waiting for something to happen.

The story begins with Kate and provides a long introduction explaining her past and how she has gotten as far as she has. Then the author individually introduces the children and their living status, their relationships and other interesting factors about them. However, nothing thrilling happens until 60% of the book has been read. Even then, it appeared to be rushed just to add the extra excitement, in case the reader was falling asleep midway. I found this to be very disappointing.

There are matters of rape, abuse, sexual orientation, death, and drugs all squeezed in the last chapters of the book. Ironically, against all odds, the storyline displays and discusses the avenues each of the characters take and how they end up surviving each ordeal.

I recommend this book to the patient readers that don’t seek gratification from the beginning.

Written by Jeyran Main

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4 Comments on “Against All Odds by Danielle Steel (Book Review #290)

  1. I am not a fan of hers which I realize puts me in a minority. The first book I read was great so I dived into a few more I had been given. I was very disappointed.

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