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Some Personal Thoughts on How I Felt About Writing, “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed: Online Dating: Why Didn’t He Call Me Back? What Goes Through a Man’s Mind on the First Meet? Impressions from a Man Who Had Over 350 First Meetups.”

One beautiful, intelligent single woman told me many women wonder why they didn’t get a call back after having a very nice first meet with a good man. She asked me to write a book about my impressions when she learned that I had spent three years searching for a woman and met over 350 women for coffee or wine.


She wanted to know how other women dressed on the first meet, how they carried themselves, how they acted, what they talked about, and many other things and my impressions of them.   And, most importantly, why did I date some women further, and why didn’t I call others back?

I’m just one man with an opinion and my thoughts, of course, don’t exactly match what other men think. But, I think my background is similar to many divorced men. I hadn’t dated for a long time and was thrown into meeting other women after an unexpected and unwanted divorce. There are lots of men who after an unexpected divorce feel like a floundering and lonely fish who missed a tide change and are flapping away and feeling very lonely on the sand. To avoid a lifetime of loneliness, we are forced to throw ourselves back into the sea, not being sure if we could swim again.


Men are under a lot of pressure to provide and make a good living. I thought I was doing the right thing trying to create a successful business. However, my ex-divorced me because I worked too much and didn’t understand women. The pressures of business followed me home every night and made it difficult for me to understand my ex-wife’s feelings. So, I’m thankful for going through three years of dating and talking very personal to many women and finally learning about them and the importance of a women’s feelings.

I hope the women who read, “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed,” will find it insightful, entertaining, amusing and useful. And, I hope reading it will guide more women to get a callback and not wonder “Why didn’t he call me back.”

Written by Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller is the Author of “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed”.

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  1. This is wonderful! Does this means that it is a blog written for lady-readers. 🙂 I think he doesn’t mind if another poor guy has read this post. Nice writing style.

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  2. There seem to be a problem in commenting. The icon of comments is not present. So that I hadn’t been able to comment on “Cancer” by Dr. Okun. Only, I clicked the star for a like.

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