Who’s your best friend?


There are many people you meet during your life. Some have a positive impact on you, and a few will hurt you. In the world where everything revolves around electronics and personal contact is becoming a struggling fact for some, When can you say that you have a best friend?

There are many people with facebook, twitter, and other social media accounts that have over thousands of “friends” following them. How genuinely can you count the ones, that you really class as your friend? Can you say that you have a best friend? Are you even aware of what constitutes as a best friend?


Let us first figure out the definition of the word “best.”

According to Wiki

“of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.”

According to Merriam- Webster

“Simple Definition of best

: better than all others in quality or value

: most skillful, talented, or successful

: most appropriate, useful, or helpful.”

According to Free Dictionary

“In a most excellent way; most creditably or advantageously.”

According to Oxford Dictionary

“Of the most excellent or desirable type or quality.

Most appropriate, advantageous, or well advised.

Most enjoyable.”

Truly now, you can agree that the lists of friends on your social accounts are not all going to fall under this category. Based on these examples we can safely say that you can only possess one person in your life that is classed as your best and a few that you can count as friends.

If you are convinced by now, that the word “best” is only used for one person, then I believe that we are comfortable moving along swiftly. If you are still struggling to accept this fact, then keep reading, and I may still have a chance to convince you.


We are living in a world that if we only have 20 people added to our social media, then we are unpopular, not acceptable and classed as lonely. You cannot even be looked at seriously if the number is small! When in fact in my opinion, if I happen to have 20 friendships that are faithful to the word and are as rewarding as it’s meaning, then I must be laughing away at the thousands that someone else has no meaning at all.

Now you must be confused or asking yourself, how can I know who my best friend is? Here is how:

1-Your best friend can almost read your mind. You don’t have to explain too much for them to understand where you are coming from and in some instances, you can just look at each other, and both know what the other is thinking.

2-A best friend always tells you the truth. No matter how much it may hurt you, they will always be honest.

3-Your best friend is always going to make you laugh. When you are sad or out of the weather, they will know what to say to just get you out of that yucky feeling.

4- Empathy is one of the traits that a best friend possesses. Due to them being there for you and seeing what you go through every day, they also get to understand you when you are feeling sad or happy!

5- Trust is the permanent bond between the two of you. You count on them; they rely on you

6-Generosity is your best friends middle name. If you need anything that they can give, they will.

7-A best friend always encourages you to be better, do better and see things better.

8-Your best friend always has your back. No matter what happens they will be there to defend you and stick up for you, even sometimes take the punch for you.

Now, have a deep think about what you just read and tell me:


*Please don’t say your dog, that is cheating. We are trying to talk about humans here. 😉

 Written by Jeyran Main

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36 Comments on “Who’s your best friend?

  1. I would say none is in my list either from social media or in real life. All just stay for few years and move on.. new come in and find new one again….

    Liked by 1 person

      • Cos this is the world we are offered with many new findings..new ways to find the best one, greed of men make him to move on to find better finally we end up finding none…we have only handful of mobile phone brand so we finally choose one and when we don’t like it we find other brand..almost we try all brands..same we have many humans we keep trying to find…

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  2. Yes, I do have in the real life. You must also add who is ever ready to make fun of every serious suitation, haha. Jokes apart, I am very thankful to have such a person in my life to whom you need not to explain or even tell anything. He get it everytime. No suitation scare us, haha. One thing, that calls on odd hours, epic, haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is very special indeed. The fun and jokes category can fall under number one. Cause when you both know what the other is thinking you can both laugh about it

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  3. Well written and detailed appropriately. I am truly grateful that I have a friend that fits this category perfectly and will remain dear to me for years to come.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am really happy for you. Thank you for commenting and I hope to see you again here soon 🙂


  4. I have written a reflection just about this. It is incredible how people tend to brag about something fake. It appears that they are living a virtual life that is more rewarding to their psyche than their actual real life.

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  5. I truly couldn’t agree more. The world and language of social media is distorting ‘real life’ in many respects and I’m very fortunate to have just a very small number of very special friends and one very best friend who has known me since I was 11. We met at school and have stayed ‘best friends’ ever since! I’m one of the lucky ones with ‘few social media’ followers and even fewer ‘true’ friends… Although, having said that, I have established some lovely contacts through my blogging and it has opened up a whole new world which has been wonderful! x

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  6. My true best friend is my husband. Not trying to be mushy, but he qualifies on all counts. As a matter of fact, if for him it was love at first sight, for me it was friendship turned into love. Nothing beats being able to count on someone no matter what the circumstances.
    I agree with you and Wendy, social media has distorted the meaning of “friend” and “like” also! This is why I won’t, unlike some fellow bloggers, post the number of followers I have at the end of the year. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the interest that people have in my blog, but I am not doing it for the competition! Thank you for being one of these followers, I hope my recipes will inspire you… And don’t hesitate to ask for help if my instructions are not clear!


    • Of course! I love to cook so I come to your website to get some ideas. I have two other food bloggers that I love too. I believe it is much harder than writing book reviews so salute to you guys. Happy holiday!


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  8. Nice one 🙂 We all need best friends in our life to support us through the good and bad!


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