Rise – Trifecta Series by Luis Almonte (Book Review #32)

This review is written for Online Book Club.

“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

Alexia is a 15-year-old powerful witch born into a family that possesses supernatural powers. The world is divided into three covens: Allerium, Malerium, and Xelerium. Every year trials are held for young witches in order to enhance their skills and ranks. As Alexia prepares herself for the trials, an accident happens which changes her life.

To add to the injury, besides this drama, there are three sacred books, and each coven has to take care of one of them. The books consist of treaties that have been made between the vampires and the witches creating peace and balance. The one given to Alexia’s parents is stolen, and she has to find it before a storm gets brewing. Between the trials, the Council, and the moratorium it is very hard for this charming girl to focus on school.


The beginning of the book has such a punch of a storyline that it makes you feel like you are in for a golden trip, however, suddenly it takes you to four months back, explaining how it got to where the book starts. This is all good and written very well except, the pace and the story proceeds a very slow and boring take towards the rest of the plot. There were formatting errors in my kindle version that I downloaded, as well that made it more annoying.

Up until chapter 10, the story continues with the same pace and then it starts to get more engaging again. It was nice to see how Alexia cared for her family and siblings. The bonding was strong, and it was comforting. The character building was solid for the main storyline. However, there were many sidekicks mentioned who did not have enough backstory or build up to it. Since this book is the initial one in a series, I believe that it generated an error in writing and weakness for a book. This is especially important if the author wishes to bring these side stories along to her second or possible third book.


The love interest between Alexia and Kaleb was something like the one seen in the “Twilight” series. They are forbidden to be together as there is a law against it. Knowing him, however, is beneficial for Alexia as Kaleb becomes an asset. I would have appreciated a unique love story rather than one we have seen and read before. It was a shame as the whole story benefits from a very original point of view. The author has a very well transcribed skill in detail literature writing. There are many cool spells and intense battles with a thoroughly written style of specified explanation over every movement. This definitely overdramatized the scenes for the reader making them fascinating.

With all said, just lose yourself to a very thought-provoking tale of a story, in a wizarding world where talent and love are not the only things that are going to keep you alive. What makes this book a winner is its originality and entertaining style of storytelling. The story ends unresolved with many loose ends. Vampires have to be stopped and humans are in danger.

I recommend this book to all Wizard-loving fans, and I look forward to reading the next book.

Written by Jeyran Main


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