The Girl From Rostov by Shitij Sharma (Book Review #40)

Majid is like the Indian Godfather. He is a ruthless businessman, and his brother and wife pay with their life for his actions leaving him to raise their child, Maya. Although Majid tries to keep Maya away from his affairs, the poor child witnesses some gruesome happenings that inevitably place her life in trouble.

The girl from Rostov is a book that is written in two parts. Part one is about Majid and Mazhar. Part two is about Maya and Samar. Towards the end of the book the two parts of the story come together to finish for the finale.

An incident happens where Majid passes away and leaves Maya’s whole life empty and with no reason but to find out why her uncle was killed. Maya befriends a boy named Samar. He finds her very attractive, and they both have some minor interactions that place an imprint on both of their hearts. As fate happens to bring these two together, they meet again under a much more sensitive ordeal, and Samar realizes that Maya is battling through a much deeper and psychological ordeal due to her loss. She has lost her mother, father and now her uncle. She has no one.


Samar pursues the investigation towards finding the killer of Maya’s uncle, and this is when the story begins to take some very intriguing twists and turns. On top of it all, a man named Vasily shows up out of the nowhere half way through the book wanting revenge and answers for Majid’s death. He is a loyal friend of Majid and owes his life to him Vasily actually ends up being the one that solves the murder.

The characters came with a detailed backstory and enough time was given for the reader to feel for each individual. The pace of the story was steady, and besides the typos, grammatical errors, and a few sentence structures this author has great potential. The story had some deep, insightful quotes and sayings from the author, which made it charming and pleasant to read.

I recommended this book to anyone that likes reading subjects on love, loss, and drama.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author.


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