Wake Up To The Joy Of You by Agapi Stassinopoulos (Book Review #20)

Fly into the world that is full of hope and joy. Here lays 52 chapters filled with words of wisdom in hope to connect people to each other and themselves. This book is like the helpful fairy tale animals that assist you in your journey of life.

I found myself smiling when I started to read this book. There are numerous relatable topics in this book that I believe many of us have endured during our lifetime. We can definitely use this book as a guideline and light up the doors that we may have missed and lead ourselves back to the joy we used to feel.

Each chapter is organized and divided into self-healing sections such as meditation, health, living in denial, relationships, money, self-esteem, anxiety, and jealousy. The most important one that I particularly liked was getting over your childhood. The source of many of our problems in adulthood is linked back to when we were children and ‘Wake Up To the Joy Of You’ takes this very seriously, addresses it and shows us a way to overcome it.

At the end of the book, you are to feel more at peace with yourself; you let go of your pain and aches, and you learn to trust yourself and to believe. Agapi believes that we are “Human Beings” and not “Human Doings.” This is referred to the way we live in today’s society where it is just ‘GO, GO, and GO’. In this case, she recommends us to slow down, listen and to feel. “By stopping and just concentrating on ourselves we revamp and energize and perform better,” she adds. In addition, Agapi gives us examples of how this method has been successful in the past. Albert Einstein pondered the riddle of the universe with a cat on his lap and Isaac Newton figured out the law of universal gravitation when sitting under a tree.

By referring to her own personal experience the Author allows us to understand where all this comes from. It makes her more reachable and relatable. I also particularly like the way she asks us to write things down in order to face them.


There is a general understanding that not all problems and issues are solvable and not many people succeed the first time round. Many problems are too complicated or have had a much harsher impact on our soul, and I believe it would do best to say that Agapi might not have all the answers, however; her determination in not giving up is a good attitude to have.

Even if you didn’t wish to believe or agree with anything the author says, you still feel happy just reading the book and feel the encouraging energy the book is giving you. I recommend you buying this book even if you didn’t want to read it, just in case it’s positive reinforcement, accidentally brushes off on you.

 Written by Jeyran Main

This book was given to me by Crown Publishing through NetGalley.

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10 Comments on “Wake Up To The Joy Of You by Agapi Stassinopoulos (Book Review #20)

    • Yes, The Author does a good job on doing that. Sometimes it sounds like a logical thing we should do anyway, yet we forget.

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  1. Agapi believes that we are “Human Beings” and not “Human Doings.” This is referred to the way we live in today’s society where it is just ‘GO, GO, and GO’. I am now almost 50 and I can say that I am sick of this GO GO GO! I am learning that I get more done by slowing down. I loved your review and will put this on my TBR pile on Goodreads. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Holidays, Jackie


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