Quality DNA – Beth Martin (Book Review #311)

Quality DNA is a futuristic novel set in 2059. The DNA of every person is stored in a database called the Genome. Things become complicated when Annette wants to find out who the father of her little girl is after her one night stand.

The results show that the father is someone completely different and so she begins to investigate how that can even be possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel approach the author had taken into the storyline. The concept of creating the best, strongest human being has always been a fascinating concept in futuristic stories. The consequences though have never fully settled in and here, mankind will never stop until they succeed.

Whether the notion of success is truly a satisfactory result can be discussed at another time. The literature was strong and I enjoyed the original voice refreshing inventiveness and delicious use of language within the content of the work.

I recommend this book to sci-fi readers and those who enjoy futuristic tales.

Written by Jeyran Main

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