Being Accountable by Danica Genova (Book Review #321)

Being accountable is a journal where it provokes the notion of being self-aware. This book not only focuses on diet and exercise but, it also evaluates your moods, habits, and mental status of the mind.

Studies have proven that logging your daily things allows you to measure and better see where you are going wrong.

I particularly enjoyed the part where you can even track how much you have given back to earth.

The author is fully aware that there are many journals out there. Hence, she has created something different. The journal is divided into 12 weeks. Each week begins with a metaphysical part, providing education to the reader before they start the week.

I strongly believe that when one keeps a journal like this and evaluates their behavior and mental state of mind, one can easily improve and increase their quality of life.

Only when you take life in your own hand and be in charge of what happens, can you better your life and chances in getting what you want.

Written by Jeyran Main

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