Princess Lemonella by Saarein te Brake / Sassafras de Bruyn (Book Review #79)

The Kingdom of Cornichon welcomes a baby girl, Princess Ella. This princess does not smile, laugh or behave in any joyful way. Her parents, the king, and the queen try their hardest to create a situation where she would smile, but nothing gives in, and so they give up and call her Princess Lemonella.

After 18 years, the king and the queen finally decide that it is time for Lemonella to marry. As suitors pour in for this beautiful girl, she rejects them one after another. The princes all offer her things she is remotely interested in.


One day as she is staring outside her window, another prince rides along, and Lemonella says hi to him. She asks him if he wishes to offer what the others have been and he says no. Prince Peter is, in fact, suffering from the same fate as Lemonella. He too has a frowned face and does not smile or laugh. His parents call him Prince Pickle. As they discover their nicknames, they begin to smile and then laugh.

Their laughter brings them together.

I found this book to be a wonderful rendition of what we all need to learn from. The tale teaches us that everyone has a different background and comes from a diverse point of view. We simply cannot force anything on ourselves just because we are different.

We may feel misunderstood and misplaced at times, however, with a little patience, it is easy to find people that are in the same situation as us. We aren’t alone.

Sharing a smile and laughing together is not so hard when you find your match.

Written by Jeyran Main

This book was given to me by Clavis Books through NetGalley.

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