Capering on Glass Bridges by Jessica Hernandez (Book Review #44)

People are afraid to venture into “The Kingdom of Mar” since it is cursed, but the Utdrendans dared to ask a sixteen-year-old girl called Kaia Stone to go in. The people feel that she is their only hope as they believe she possesses some kind of special powers. Kaia agrees and follows through finding her way into Mar in the attempt to deliver a message to the Marian King that provides a way for the curse to be lifted.

The story contains a very sweet sisterly love, like the one you saw in Disney “Frozen.” Elania accompanies Kaia, willing to sacrifice her life for her cause and that was very sweet. Kaia, although sixteen, is wise and strong-minded. On her way with the group that is assigned to go with her, she combats dragons, ferocious beasts, injuries and encounters many more ups and downs. The story is full of drama, exciting twists, surprises, and has a stunning ending. The character interactions were fun, and the interplay between them was touching.

This tale is truly enjoyable and allows you to escape and dig into its mythical powers. The creatures and living beings were all very well explained in detail, however, I believe needed a little more depth. The start of the book was very confusing, but reading more into the book, you do understand what the tale is about. The confusing part is because it throws you directly into the middle of a fictional world right from the start. If you have no background reading mythology, you can feel a bit overwhelmed.


I was not sure who was saying what at times, but the plot was so intriguing that it did not bother me as much. The pace of the story moved swiftly, and I did not feel that it dragged or was slow at all. I believe this Author has potential.

This is a very suitable story for Young Adult book lovers. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Written By Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author,  Jessica Hernandez

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