The Mercenary (The War Chronicles #1) by Petra Landon (Book Review #336)

The Mercenary is a science fiction romance novel written about two people. Zoran, a warrior who is a nomad with an army and Saakshi, a prisoner who is treated badly by an antagonist. Saakshi’s race is under the rule of Ketaari. Zoran can help but, he has a big decision to make. Either take advantage of the situation for himself or actually, save the galaxy and make it a better place. That’s what makes this story to be such a delightful read.

When you have a chance to go up the ladder and achieve the highest in your life, would you instead choose to help someone out or save a life instead? Would you sacrifice your chance?

The two characters were created in such a beautiful way. Saakshi was so dignified and strongminded. Her character was so appealing. Both leads were from two different race of personality and understanding. However, they worked so well together. The connection and chemistry between the two were unspoken, and that was so pleasant to read. Nothing was obvious or written out plainly to give away the excitement. The author has you reading between the lines and forces you to use your own interpretation. I really like this skill in literature, and for that, I congratulate the author for writing such refreshing material.

The world setting was drawn to be enticing. It had an original voice and refreshing inventiveness. I recommend this book to science fiction readers that appreciate good writing.

Written by Jeyran Main

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