A Pattern for Pepper by Julie Kraulis (Book Review#85)

Pepper is a beautiful girl looking for the right pattern fabric for a dress she wishes to wear for an important event. It is her grandmother’s birthday, and she is invited for cake and tea. Pepper’s mother takes her to the tailor in hopes of Pepper finding her favorite pattern.

The book gets really interesting as the tailor introduces Pepper to a different kind of fabric, color, and design. Each design and fabric have a story, background, origin and explanation. They aren’t just pieces of thread put together. I found this absolutely fantastic!

Introducing a child to a world of fabric and textures where color and design combined with history and ethnic origins bring life to an occasion and a dress.

Pepper is very particular; she knew exactly how she wanted to feel and what she was looking for. She finally agreed on a particular fabric which becomes the dress that she wears for her special occasion.

I highly recommend this book to parents looking for something unique, different and educational.

Written by Jeyran Main

This book was given to me by Penguin Random House Canada through NetGalley.

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