A Book for Oreo by Caralee a Jardine (Book Review #116)

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“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

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This book is written in honor of a cat named Oreo. Oreo captures Caralee’s broken heart, the moment he sees her. Caralee takes Oreo home as her son rather than an animal pet. She pours all her emotions, love, and everything into this cat and return receives an overwhelming and rewarding love in return.

Following a very hard breakup and the disappointment of not getting married or having children, Caralee never thought that a cat could make such a difference in her heart, body, and soul. She has a strong belief in God and references him on every page. The relationship between Caralee and Oreo is unyielding, and a few unfortunate events occur causing Oreo to get sick, and things are never the same again.

What I admired and completely found relatable was the unconditional love Caralee had for Oreo and how she literally put everything she had in keeping this companion of hers in as much comfort as possible. I can guarantee that if she could give Oreo a kidney just so keep him alive, then she would and that says a lot in my opinion.

When you lose a pet, you are distraught, but when you lose someone like Oreo, it pretty much shuts you down. The courage it took for Caralee to pour her heart into telling this story is admirable. The passages and the information are all very easy to understand. The literary standard is up to speed, and the tale is told as honest as it can be.

I recommend this book to anyone that’s like to read on animals and has a passion for animal life.

Written By Jeyran Main

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2 Comments on “A Book for Oreo by Caralee a Jardine (Book Review #116)

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  2. I had three cats in my short lifetime, so relating to Caralee if I were to read this book would be easy and I would enjoy this story more. A well writen review Jeyran!


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