The Day My Fart Followed Me to The Dentist by Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence (Book Review #343)

The Day My Fart Followed Me to The Dentist by Ben is a children’s book written primarily to teach children on how to express emotions when they are uncomfortable with something. In this case, little Timmy feels pain in his teeth and tells his mommy. They both go to the dentist, and the have it removed. The notion of the tooth fairy is implied, and Timmy’s Mom is considerate enough to leave two nickels behind. One is for Timmy, and the other is for little Fart, Timmy’s invisible companion.

The day My Fart Followed me to Soccer by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson (Book Review #159)

I have read and reviewed a few books from Timmy’s adventure, and each one has so far been delightful to read. The concept of fart following him around everywhere is very funny. In this story, he didn’t do anything funny or help Timmy out but normally, that has been the case before.

If I was a Caterpillar by Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence (Book Review #120)

I believe many children would enjoy books such as this one because the illustrations are fun, the color combinations used to grab the attention of the child, and there is always a learning aspect to the book at hand.

I recommend this book to families and children that wish to enjoy a wonderful read and laugh at the same time.

Written by Jeyran Main


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