The Day My Fart Followed Me to The Zoo by Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence (Book Review #344)

The Day My Fart Followed Me to The Zoo is a children’s book. Little Timmy goes to the zoo with his mom and Fart. Once they get there, Timmy decides to wander around and show Fart the different animals they see. Fart seems to have never gone to the zoo, so Timmy becomes his guide.

I enjoyed how every animal they saw had an explanation and a fun fact about it. This made the experience educational, and since children love animals, it made the book to be a much favorable read.

If I was a Caterpillar by Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence (Book Review #120)

Once Timmy gives Fart a thorough tour, then they head home. The illustrations were beautiful and colorful. I believe this particular story would be more suitable for an older audience as it had longer written content on each page.

The day My Fart Followed me to Soccer by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson (Book Review #159)

Since the authors have written several books about Timmy and Fart, I believe it would be really nice to have it all sold as a collection in order for parents to order and read it out loud.

Written by Jeyran Main

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