Here She Rules by Kat Brewer (Book Review #346)

Here she rules is a work of woman fiction with strong hints of fantasy. Ladies are fierce, formidable, and are warriors. The land of Erla is ruled by women, and this story takes a turn when Cassandra saves the Queen. She is then promoted to a position that provides her with an endless amount of men, all servant to her needs and desires. She has everything she wants but there is a catch, she cannot leave.

When I began to read this book, I felt the strong impulsive need of sensing that the author wished to introduce a more female-dominated world where women are not the ones to be saved, and they are the heroes. Embracing what is, and accepting what you have rather than wanting what you don’t is the message here.

What I did feel at times was how dominant the women were over men, and that took me a while to get used to. The other thing I was not sure about was the book cover. Why would a story with such strong women presence, have a 6-pack male body, as its cover?

The world development was crucial in my opinion, and that was done in a very descriptive way. Cassie falls into this rift that enters her into this fantasy world. The literature standard was in a good manner which made the experience much more pleasurable.

I believe it is nice for once to be able to read about a story where the tables are turned, and women are in charge.

I recommend this book to fantasy readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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Written by Jeyran Main





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