Another Stupid Spell by Bill Ricardi (Book Review #348)

Another Stupid Spell is a fantasy novel written about an Orc named, Sorch. The Orcs are cursed, and every time they cast a spell, they become more stupid. Sorch is a slave, and all he has to do is cast a spell every day over and over again or else, he will receive the wrath of his Chief. As things become really hard for Sorch, he manages to cast a spell that Enhances his intelligence, allowing him to break this cycle of slavery. That is when the story takes a sweet turn on Sorch’s adventure away from his swamp.

The story is written in the first narrative and therefore, allows you to see and experience everything in Sorch’s perspective. I think that added a substantial amount of positive influence towards the reader as it made it more personal.

I felt that the world setting created a really nice effect on the storyline. The reader was able to easily feel the Orcs and the situation they were under. I found the story to have a nice flow to it, and the literature had a sweet style of writing that only made you bond with the characters even more. The journey was also exciting. It was all about liberation but also, pain, love and more.

I recommend this story to people that like to read science fiction stories.

Written By Jeyran Main

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