The Daddy Game by Shadez (Book Review #113)

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“I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars.”

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The Daddy game is about Deshaun, a bachelor in his 30’s that enjoys having women for sexual pleasure and has no intention to commit to any one of them. In his defense, he does kind of make it clear to the women that his intentions are not everlasting, however, as women mostly wish to change a man they are with; they fall under his spell and give in.

Deshaun meets his match in a way, after spending some time with a woman named Tiffy. She has a plan, and her plan works. Tiffy is not going to let Deshaun walk away scots free, and so she traps him by getting pregnant, enforcing him to commit to her and the baby.

Deshaun has no choice but to play along. However, his current girlfriend is also still in the picture. I use the term girlfriend, very loosely of course, as he changes them like socks. Things are heated up at the baby shower, and eventually, the story ends up with a very interesting twist. Shaun has a plan and is very bitter.

Many discussions and debates can be done regarding this book. The topic was not novel, and I didn’t feel like it had anything new to offer in its genre. There were too many spelling, typos, errors and grammatical issues in this book. Enough to make you shake your head. However, what I did enjoy was the humor within the content of the book. The lead character is definitely not someone you would like. There are many sexual descriptions and profane language used in this book as well.

I always say, don’t hate the author just because you hate the lead character. In this case, I know that I extremely disliked the lead character but look forward to reading more from the author.

I believe anyone that likes to read an easy book and enjoys having a laugh over it will benefit from buying this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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