India Was One by An Indian (Book Review #352)

India was one is an action adventure story written about Jai and Kaahi. It is a journey into India and a simple love between the two of which is disrupted once the country gets divided into south and the north.

I found the story to be interesting for various reasons. The initial cultural experience was, for instance, a very nice addition to the story. Not knowing much about India or the culture, the book introduced a sort of backstory for people like me, and I liked that.

The other thing interesting about this story was that it introduced the character’s perspective from an Indian’s view and its cultural clash with the city of Los Angeles. This fictional book also discusses the division and segregation of a country, splitting into one. The complications from this also created a very dynamic and multi-dimensional approach towards the plot.

Altogether, I believe the author has created a very unique story and one that is worth the read. I recommend this book for people that like action and a little romance.

Written by Jeyran Main

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