Life in a Box by JoDee Neathery (Book Review #355)

Life in a box is a novel written in a memoir style. It is a mystery story spanning over generations situated in Texas and Southern California. The tale begins with two dead bodies and one other in critical condition. Andee is a family member of one of the victims. As the police and family beg to understand and unravel why this has all happened, she is given a container filled with photographs and a journal that provides some information that may be helpful.

What then transpires is some romance, families merging into one, and piece by piece of the puzzle becoming unraveled to the reader’s eyes.

The literature was in good standing, and it was written with a nice form of flow, however, due to the large casting of characters and families, it was sometimes hard to follow who was who. This also meant that each character was not developed to its core since there were too many to do.

The story was interesting in giving bits of information as the reader went on reading the book. There wasn’t any part of the story where you would feel cheated on or thought that it dragged just so the author would add unnecessary suspense to the story.

I recommend this book to people that like to read suspenseful stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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