Follow the Snowflakes: A Christmas Novella by Angela Kerner (Book Review #358)

Follow the Snowflakes is a short romance novella about Cat. The story is based in Illinois. Cat has a good job, nice life but as always something is missing in her life. Her friend, Regina, offers to match her up with someone she knows but Cat is still heartbroken by the breakup she’s just had. Somehow, she manages to get out of the setup and save someone in the snow, from a car accident. The man she saves is wearing a wedding band and has a child. Things begin to unravel for Cat as she faces fate with some obstacles on the way.

The story is in a diary shape form narration. The days and conversations are from Cat to herself, letting everyone else in on her perspective of life. As she has some emotional decisions to make, fate really plays a great part in deciding her happiness. Sometimes, things happen in our lives where we don’t understand why. In this case, I enjoyed reading about how Cat’s life was created and the relationship she had with Regina.

There was not much world setting or character development since the novella is a diary, but what did exist was enough to provide a solid foundation for the plot and storyline. I appreciated the thought and care given towards this short story, and it was clear that the author had successfully attempted to create a sweet Christmas Story.

I recommend this book to romance readers and people who enjoy a Christmas Tale.

Written by Jeyran Main

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