The Love Labyrinth by Pamela D. Beverly (Book Review #359)

The Love Labyrinth is a romance novel written about Noelle Harrison. Noelle is married with two kids. As every marriage has its ups and downs, Noelle has to deal with the complications of her own committed relationship. The decisions you make and feelings you have towards matters that mean so much to the heart is what this story emphasizes on.

I found the literature to be very easy to read and to follow through. The author definitely creates a believable scenario with relatable characters and has good character development. I felt that the story had a multi-dimensional perspective and that is what stood out for me. It had an undertone of hidden messages which made the reader more intrigued to know what was going to happen next.

There was not much of a world setting or descriptive writing to the story, which in my opinion, was not entirely necessary but would have complimented the work at hand.

Companionship is not easy, and this novel certainly is a representation of it. I believe anyone that enjoys a fast-read story about the dynamics of relationships would enjoy this book. Love triangles are the hardest, and when human emotions are involved, it certainly does take your energy and focus away.

I recommended this book to romance readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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