Empath’s Ultimate Guide to Shield Yourself from Negative Energies by Sandy Quinn (Book Review #369)

Empath’s Ultimate Guide to Shield, Yourself from Negative Energies, is a short, non- fiction, self-help book. It provides a step by step action plan on how to learn and successfully calm your busy mind. Using techniques like energy healing and self-care, the author introduces ways for the reader to identify if he or she is an empath. Once the reader has determined the difference between being Empathic and being an Empath, it is then explained how one can use this technique to distinguish between the “Energy Vampires” and how to shield themselves from it.

I found the book to be very short, and for that, it was a little disappointing. I believe with much more added content, the work would have sustained higher validity, and a better understand, however, what did exist was very useful and interesting to read.

With the life and busy schedules that we all run these days, I believe any book that demonstrates ways and methods to cleanse the mind and to better the living, would be advantageous to have.

The literature was easy to read and to follow. There were some added pictures and diagrams to make the content more appealing to the eye. It is clear that the author has attempted to stay away from theories and exercises in order to produce a novel book.

I would recommend this to people that are into healing, self-help, and decluttering the mind.

Jeyran Main

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