Shoeburn and The Ill-Fitting Necklace by Shoeburn Ruffet (Book Review 380)

Shoeburn and The Ill-Fitting Necklace is a mystery humorous chapter book suitable for children. Shoeburn is a happy go lucky kid living his normal life when he gets accused of stealing a precious necklace. He then attempts to clear his name but along the way he has to go through some funny ordeals with Regina Wendle, the determined and powerful business magnate.

This children’s book takes you on a fun, witty ride with many unbelievable events and epic adventures. Shoeburn’s character was very interesting to read. The storyline may not have been novel, however, what did exist with Shoeburn and his travels entering different scenarios would appeal the younger generation.

The literature was suitable for its audience, and I did not find anything inappropriate to alarm potentially interested parents. I believe what stands out in this book is the author’s way of playing with words.

The author has created a delightful read, a tale of pursuit, and an ending that works for the young reader. The chapters had a nice flow to it, and the pace was suitable for the adventures and actions within the content.

I recommend this book to parents that are seeking decent books for their children.

Written by Jeyran Main



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