The Road to Alexander by Jennifer Macaire (Book Review #165)

This review was kindly requested by Jennifer Macaire. 

The Road to Alexander is a historical fiction book written about a woman named Ashley. She receives an award and is chosen to travel back in time to interview her favorite historical figure, Alexander the Great. As she arrives in what is assumed to be the past, 333-330 BC, she is mistaken for the goddess of death and is kidnapped. Unable to return Ashley then faces a culture shock.

The ancient ways are quite different to what we know now and so the novel turns to a hilarious endeavor. Reading on about Ashley’s journey, her interactions and accepting things as they were, was fascinating to read. The author manages to take you back in time with her outstanding literature skill and teach you a thing or two about love and how women should be treated like.


The character building was superbly done and as it is a historical novel, I was looking for many references to historical facts. The author did not disappoint me as the author had added enough content to satisfy the point.

I believe the success of this novel is purely based on the strong character developments within the book. Alexander and Ashley are from two completely different worlds. The distinction is quite apparent and the author manages to clearly grasp the idea of making the reader aware of it.

I recommend this book to historical fiction fans and readers that appreciate the hint of love in stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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