Elephant Wind by Heather L. Beal (Book Review #386)

Elephant Wind is an educational story about a teacher and her school kids. The students ask Ms. Mandy questions, and she responds back allowing the reader to learn as they participate in the back and forth dialogue.

When a tornado siren happens, the kids are directed towards the basement, and then questions begin to sparkle between the children on what it is all about. The content discusses what a tornado warning is and what should they do when they hear one. It also allows children to know what not to do in such an event, for example going near windows or doors.

The illustrations are not drawn and look computerized. The color combinations were nice, and it created interest for the potential child. I particularly liked the way the story went in order to teach the basics of an environmental attack.

There aren’t many books out there that allow children know the seriousness of what the impact of a natural disaster is. The literature was suitable for the age of its audience, and I believe any parent looking for an educational book for their child would benefit from purchasing this one.

Written by Jeyran Main

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