He Lives to Take Away My Shame by Sheila Washington (Book Review #180)

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “He Lives to Take Away My Shame” by Sheila Washington]

He Lives to Take Away My Shame is an autobiography written by Sheila Washington. Her book speaks of her life from the day she is born. It contains the joys, sorrows, and everything she encounters during her life. Sheila is adamant in telling her secrets. She claims that her faith is what helps her to deal with the demons inside. Her book is written in hopes to assist others that may live with secrets.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sheila’s life has been a very harsh one. From the time she was six years old, her mother Henretta fails to provide a decent and steady home for her. They move homes many times, which unravels any previous relationships. Sheila witnesses girls being abused by the landlord’s kids. Even her best friend is shot and killed, which leaves her devastated. Continuous throughout her life, Henretta arranges her boss to meet Sheila in hotel rooms, only to rape her. Sheila’s first encounter was at the age of twelve. Sheila gets pregnant twice. Once by the rapist and the other by her partner. Close relationships are all terminated due to death or betrayal. She even locates where her biological father resides, but his family wants nothing to do with her. Continue Reading…


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