Neptunes Gift by C. J. Scarlet (Book Review #390)

Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean is a short story about Dylan, a wave who is afraid of crashing the shore. His anxiety and fear overtake his ability to realize that he is the ocean and it is only by meeting a much larger wave does he come to such an understanding.

I believe using allegories in order to convey a message is a brilliant and compelling move. In this case, the author uses such a tale to teach readers how to deal with their own storms and waves, in their lives. It induces purpose and gratitude for what you have and demonstrates the ability to identify the core strength within, which we hold.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I found it to be very inspirational. It was thought-provoking and at the same calming to follow the story like tale and to learn something at the same time. The author has a soothing literary skill that demonstrates care and love in her writing. I particularly relished the part where the laws of nature were combined and compared with humanity.

I highly recommend this book and believe that this author has great potential in creating remarkable work.

Warm Regards,

Jeyran Main

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