The Legion and the Lioness (World Apart Book 1) by Derek Armstrong  (Book Review #392)

The Legion and the Lioness is book one of the World Part series. The novel is a futuristic story about Victoria, an astound pilot that has been frozen for 72 years only to be awakened to fight again in the war of 2151. Earth does not exist anymore and everyone she loved is gone. Only memories of her home and friends and loved ones remain. She is now on Titan, Saturn’s moon.

At first, I began to mold into the concept of this futuristic world built with so much happening, so fast.  Once I sunk into the story, I was thoroughly enjoying the events and feelings that were so relatable and connected with Victoria on another level.

Having a female lead was refreshing and the sci-fi description was just enough to keep the story plausible. The story is written in the first-person narrative and so at times, it was hard to grasp the other characters emotions or thoughts, however, that did not take anything away from experiencing the storyline.

I particularly liked the cover design of the book. It was obvious that the author had invested time and care into designing it. As every squealed written book, this one was no different with its ending. Since the literature and dialogue were written in a satisfying way, it left no doubt in my mind that the next book was going to be just as good.

I recommend this book to all futuristic sci-fi readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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