Countless Cups of Chai by Saman Mirza (Book Review #158)

Countless Cups of Chai is a self-help guide to designing your personal space. It consists of different aspects of creativity and a combination of rules that the author has learned through living a mobile life. Due to her consistent lifestyle of having to move home and her living accommodations, Saman manages to develop the style of adjustment, by creating a pleasant space for her family and home.

The author believes that when it comes to style, it all comes down to our perceptions. Therefore, nothing is wrong or right but acceptable to the eyes of the beholder.

Every chapter begins with a quote about life, living, and design. I particularly liked the part where the book expressly acknowledges that it may not be right to judge a person by their appearance, but you can definitely tell something from the way they choose to live and arrange their personal space.


The literary standard of the book was in good standing. The topics discussed were relevant to the author’s personal experience. I admired the fact that the content was not based on the typical design rule books which can be found everywhere else. All her thoughts and ideas are by the rule of thumb and have a personal touch.

I know that as an independent author, the cost of print staggers when there are pictures entailed, so I fully understand the lack of photos as examples. However, I believe that if there were no financial strains, then pictures would have improved the book immensely.

I recommend this book to anyone that wishes to read on designing their space with a personal touch.

Written by Jeyran Main

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