The Legend of Nariko by Ralph Mohan (Book Review #184)

This review was kindly requested by Ralph Mohan.

The Legend of Nariko is a beautiful fantasy novel written about three warriors. They are stuck in a disturbing scheme of which appears to have no way to get out of. The well-developed world consists of a wicked Tyrannical Empire and a girl named Asandra. Her hopes are to rally her people and to protect them fromTyrannical’ss empire. On the other hand, Icarus has lost his memories and hence is struggling in adjusting to the new life he is forced to live in. The third character is a Ninja Thunder with full of secrets of her own.

The trio is matched well together and the author manages to lead each character individually without creating any romantic gestures or any girly – girl references to what appears to be a most spectacular, high energy combat scenes you have ever read.


There are sword fights and sorcery between humans, Gods, demi-Gods and many more action packed storylines intertwined with each other creating an epic fantasy story. I would also like to add that although the book was full of action, it still managed to grasp and display emotions of loss, family, and love.

I believe this book would be suitable for the young age as well as anyone that likes to read fantasy novels.

Written by Jeyran Main

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