Penny: Hands I Passed Through…Things I Saw…Stories I Can Tell! by Peter Davidson (Book Review #188)

This review was kindly requested by Peter Davidson

Penny is a non- fiction, short book, written about the coin we have mostly forgotten about. It covers some history, where it was made, what value it had and how it affected lives back in the days.

I particularly remember how much I loved to play with money. My mother would always tell me, “Be careful, You don’t know where it’s been”. I believe this book is an explanation for what my mother was trying to tell me when I was little.

The book actually begins with the Penny becoming the narrator, telling us stories about how it’s been treated and what it has seen. The collection of stories has been written in a very fun and witty way. Each story has a point and indicates an interesting fact about the Penny.

I found the literature to be written very well. I barely saw any editing issues and although the book was short, it actually had enough substance for the reader to ponder on the issue, once they finished reading it. It was easy to understand and enjoyable to read. I believe the author definitely has managed to grasp the attention of what has happened to the penny and in fact, I think, if we really do look and wonder outside the box, we can certainly see that a lot of other things have also become less valued.

I believe anyone that has an interest in finance; history and also wishes to read about this commodity will enjoy this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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