The Judas Kiss by Jon D. Zimmer (Book Review #401)

The Judas Kiss is a historical fiction novel. The story begins with Jack. He wants to leave his home in Flint and move from Michigan to Los Angeles to live with his scriptwriting aunt and uncle, with little money. The story was set in 1937, and Jack experiences many horrific encounters, witnessing a murder, suicide and being involved in someone’s death on the way.

It was effortless at first, to fall for Jack and his situation. Life indeed does not seem to be easy for him. His relationship with Jeffery Adamson was fascinating. The fact that Jack falls into so many situations simply because he wanted to save thirty dollars for a train fair was intriguing. The hope and goal were clear. He wanted to live with his aunt and uncle so he could find a job and go to college. What does he have to do to get there in one piece, is another story.

The storyline was Jack’s journey growing up and becoming a man. The literature was suitable for the genre. The pace was steady, and I enjoyed the descriptive writing that existed behind the scenes. The emphasis on hobos dominated the book, and as much as I admired the journey, it all seemed a little sad.

I believe the author has great potential in creating good literary work. Having known that he has written five other books, it is clear that writing is his passion. I appreciated the fact that the author did not fluff up the story just to please the audience. He was cut and dry, and that was refreshing.

I recommend this book to people that like to read historical fiction.

Written by Jeyran Main

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One Comment on “The Judas Kiss by Jon D. Zimmer (Book Review #401)

  1. Jeyran Main reviewed my novel, “The Juds Kiss”. She nailed it.She found no sentetittous junk written to establish emotons. What emotions werer there were real, and relateable. She recommended it to readers of historical interest, which is exactly what it is, spys, revenge and a special kind of justice.

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