Memory Warp by Mark Pendergrast (Book Review #407)

Memory Warp is a non-fiction book about the “Repressed memory therapy” and how it has affected millions of families since the 1990’s. The book proves that this form of therapy destroys family dynamics and causes false claims against innocent people such as parents and care providers. He writes in order to cause awareness about this fundamental element and provides evidential proof that science has now developed enough to make the differentiation possible.

It is known that if you seek mental health treatment in the US health care system, you may actually be harming yourself and your family because some operate on invalidated science theories and practices. This well-researched book indicates that false repressed memories of abuse that have occurred, are in fact fabricated and are damaging people’s lives.

As an example, a loving family with normal kids could end up being prosecuted by one of their children simply because their repressed memory tells them that they were sexually abused or tortured by their parents. Things of which never actually happened.

I had never heard of this before and therefore, found the topic to be increasingly interesting to read. The literature was strong, and it was fairly obvious to identify that the author knew his field. The author manages to prove that techniques used in order to recover memories can, in fact, devastatingly affect the client. The literary work was compelling, powerful and thought-provoking.

I recommend this book to people who are into psychology, repressed memories, science readers and anyone in the field of medicine.

Written by Jeyran Main

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