Full Circle by Regina Timothy (Book Review #419)

Full Circle is a contemporary fiction novel written about Samia – al – Sayyid. She is an Iraqi Immigrant that lives with her son. Samina is strong, she has found some friends and has semi-established her life as much as she can in New York. Her boss, Melissa is not a very nice person and Samina’s friend, Susan is a good friend, up until a horrific event demolishes every opportunity she had living her life in America.

I found the story to be very touching. In order for the storyline to have a nice impact on its reader, the author had to create a compelling personality for the main character. Her ordeal and life encounters were truly heartbreaking and what existed was a remarkable representation of hardship, peace, and forgiveness.

The literature was easy to understand, and the pace of the story was steady. I found the work to be just as long and filled with a roller-coaster of emotional encounters. I recommend this book to fiction readers and people that have an open mind.

Written by Jeyran Main

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