Somewhere Beneath: A War of Rain Novel by H. W. Vivian (Book Review #226)

This review was kindly requested by H. W. Vivian  

Somewhere Beneath is a beautiful young adult book written about a 17-year-old boy, Alan, with the powers to create anything from his imagination. As he suddenly wakes up and finds himself in an underwater metropolis all alone; he does not recall why he is there, or where everyone else has disappeared to. Instead of pursuing his current situation, he decides to ascend to the surface to see the blue sky, only to be stopped by a couple of boys. The kids ask his help in finding the lost Terra-Marrans and make him feel like it is his destiny. As Alan sets off with the kids he discovers more than he bargained for. True intentions reveal what is going on and how his powers are not so beautiful as he thought.


This is the last book of the War of Rain series. Following the two other books are written by the same author, I already knew what quality I was going to face and how perfect the story was going to be. The author did not disappoint in her last trilogy.

The character development was spot on and the world setting was superbly put together. The fantasy takes on a different angle with Alan having powers. The story was special in a sense that it grabs the readers emotions and entices it to a different dimension. The plot was novel, the story was easy to read and to visualize in the mind. Once again, the story is in parts and everything had a nice steady pace to it. I believe this author is one to look out for.


The Goddess


Having now read all three of the author’s books. I believe that the books can be read as a standalone. This book is suitable for fantasy lovers and young adult readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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