Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand by K.T. Munson (Book Review #227)

This review was kindly requested by K. T. Munson

Zendar is a fantasy romance novel written about a girl named Azel Undel. She is the youngest daughter of one of the seven bloodlines. She is arranged to be married for political gain. As she sales to meet her future husband her ship sinks and she is captured by the enemy. That is when she gets to learn about Aleron and with that, everything she has known is then questioned. It is a tale about love and loyalty. Aleron seeks revenge over what’s happened to his ancestors in the past. The tangled affair becomes very emotional and dramatic creating this really interesting storyline.

I wish to begin discussing the world setting of this novel. I really enjoyed the pattern the author took in slowly introducing a picturesque description of the fantasy world. The characters were also introduced at a slow pace before the story picked up, intriguing the reader on wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

The literary standard and the style of writing was enjoyable to read. The author perpetrated the lead character in a very well-suited place. Zendar is full of magical powers and hidden secrets. This imaginary world really needs saving and all the hatred and crime has to stop, but it has a history. Azel is strong and has the perfect personality for such a situation and the author has created a very likable character.

The work had a nice flow and connectivity between the chapters and the plot. The contrast between the good and evil was deliciously written and I believe the author can succeed in writing a sequel following the way the book ended.

I recommend this book to romance- fantasy book lovers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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