A Gift for Sarah by R. A. Rios (Book Review #245)

This review was kindly requested by R. A. Rios

A gift for Sarah is a short contemporary romance book. The story focuses on Bill and Sarah, sharing their love story. The book focuses on Bill’s journey, his sorrows, and happiness. Bill suffers from cancer but chooses not to tell Sarah about it. The entire setting is about his life and death.

Although the story sounds very sad, to begin with, it displays a very sweet kind of love. The love that is selfless and very enduring. The story is short but touches your heart. The characters both have their individual personalities and what makes this romantic story different than others is the positive message embedded within the content.


There is nice steady flow, to the story. The pace is slow just to make sure it grabs your attention into the details, which I enjoyed. The one thing this book needs is a serious editing job. Otherwise, the work displays a nice effort on storytelling.

Written by Jeyran Main

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