The Lot of a Nobody by Dave Johnston (Book Review #238)

This review was kindly requested by Dave Johnston.

The Lot of Nobody is a young adult novel about a boy named, Lot and his friend, Ethan. Things don’t really go easy on this poor chap. Life is great with grandad and Etta, the bulldog but, at school things are different. Lot, is invincible. He is odd and does not get noticed as if he is part of the furniture. Subsequently, as he befriends Ethan, he is noticed and is then bullied by Johnny at school. It is not until during a PE class, that he suddenly disappears, leaving his clothes behind. Similar to the “The Time Traveler”, where his physical form would disappear yet his material things, such as the clothes would stay behind. Lot, can transport to another place. He travels to an Island, where strange items are washed ashore and has to find out what they actually mean. His mission is to save the Island, protect his friend and to stand up to bullies.


The story consists of many humorous dialogue and interactions between Lot and Ethan, who is a Mr. Know it all. The content is rich with young adult literature and a superbly designed plot to go with it. Ethan and Lot have great adventures standing up to the bully and also facing Hector, the bad guy trying to steal the mystery items found at the shore.

The pace is steady at first but then fastens with delicious content and funny wordings that make you laugh out loud. Everything about this book is a pleasant experience from the beginning to its end. I believe the author is one to watch out for and anyone, at whatever age will really enjoy the subtle message within the book.

Everything is not as it seems when one looks deeper into someone else’s life. Not every smile means happiness within, and in this case, the book explores the ability to have great friends, having your own voice, and self-discovery.

I highly recommend this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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