Addict (The Cassie Tam Files Book 1) by Matt Doyle (Book Review 241)

This review was kindly requested by Matt Doyle.

Addict is a science fiction story about Cassie Tam. This is the first book of the Cassie Tam Files. The setting of the story is in New Hopeland. Everything is in the future with things like tech shifters and virtual junkies. Cassie is a private investigator and takes on the side jobs which police do not want to get involved with. As she gets into one particular case, what appears to be a very easy situation then becomes complicated. Cassie gets involved and discovers more than what she bargained for. Cassie’s past also catches up with her and that is when the story becomes really interesting.

I found the plot to be suspenseful and the content to be action packed with a hint of a thrilling aspect of intrigue, embedded within the work. The pace was steady for a futuristic sci-fi saga and the character development, being a lead woman was refreshing to read.


Having read this book, I can see how the story has a strong base for additional sequel stories. The other important factor in this book is its world setting. It is technologically advanced and describes an interesting form of visualization. Especially, the part where the techno shifters change into animals. The world is just superbly described and I think that is what makes the book different than others.

I recommend this book to science fiction lovers and techno-savvy readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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