“Stalking the Shadows” by BJ Edwards (Book Review #246)

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Stalking the Shadows” by BJ Edwards]

Stalking the Shadows is a complex historical fantasy story set around 12,000 years ago in megalithic Britain. The climate is harsh and fear lives amongst the Neandethals, one of the last surviving clans. As the story begins, it is clear that there is a rivalry between the homo Neanderthals and the Homo Sapiens.

Hamek, is the chief of the Homo Sapiens. Hamek’s son, Dimek, is injured on a hunt trying to prove his manhood to his father. Two men of the Neanderthals help him and take him in, teaching him their ways. When Hamek, is notified by this, he attacks the Neandethal tribe and kills everyone including the ones that helped his son. An elder of the tribe, who knows magic, curses Hamek’s tribe and that is when his land becomes scarcity of food. As the living situation become harsher Dimek and Drushuk, another powerful elder figure in the tribe, set off with a few others to find better living conditions for their people. Hamek, is very angry at them leaving and sends Mugra to bring them back. Mugra finds Dimek and Drushuk and instead challenges them to a fight. Drushuk intervens calling on the Gods. Here is, in my opinion, where the story changes perspective. There are dark Gods and good Gods within the content of the story. When Hamek realizes that Mugra betrayed him, he asks for him to be killed. Mugra wants revenge and pledges to become chief instead.


Two sets of armies emerge with the support of two sets of Gods. Dimel and Drushuk’s army battle against Mugra’s army. Each army is supported by their own set of Gods. Continue Reading….


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