Mr. November by Matt Hogan (Book Review #253)

Mr. November is a science fiction story about Sam Webb. Sam works for a scientific organization that has invented a machine that can travel in time. Sam is the traveler inside the machine conducting the missions he has been given by, Johnson Dravek, the CEO of the company. Sam keeps having visions of things he has never seen and slowly he discovers that Johnson is using the time machine to his own advantage.

Sam and his friend, Marcus’s mission become finding a way to stop Johnson by using his weapon against him. However, there is a price to pay for playing with destiny and what’s left in the past, which catches up with everyone involved in the book, especially Sam.

I found the storyline to be very unique. Although I have read many time travel novels, this one still stood out for me. The character development was superb. The literature and lyrical style of writing was easy to understand, particularly for a complex book like this one. The descriptive writing also created the ability for me to feel like I was on the journey with the characters.

I believe the author has done much research on the book as I did not find any loopholes or questionable events tied up to the story. The story is long and the pace is steady enough keeping you intrigued along the way.

I recommend this book to any one that enjoys reading books on time travel and is a sci-fi fan.

Written by Jeyran Main


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This review was kindly requested by Matthew Hogan.



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