Fractured Past by D. E. Chapman (Book Review #278)

Fractured Past is the first fantasy/young adult book from the “A Talnarin Novel Series.”  Alanna is a beautiful girl living in a world where there are five species. Humans are just one of them. An experiment curses her in becoming one of the Talnarins. They too are another kind of species. They have pigmented eyes and pointy ears. Each colored eye has their own strength, and oddly enough, Alanna has a complete different pigment to the rest of the kind, making her a new species altogether. Suddenly, they very kind she was running away from, have the answers. She also learns that not all Talnarins wish to kill her. It is an epic journey of discovery for this girl with an even more impressive cliffhanger at the end of it.

The story begins with an immense amount of backstory and world building. The descriptive nature of the world is very well built and is explained in detail creating the foundations for a stronger sequel events of stories. The lead character is strong yet has her girly attributes. The ranking and division between the villagers, humans, species were fascinating. I found the whole ordeal to be intriguing and wanted to everything that there was about the categorization.

The literature was strong, and it was clear that the author had done her research. There weren’t any loopholes or odd encounters questioning the plot. The side stories and character building was strong enough to add content and richness to the plot. I particularly enjoyed the part where the author decided to go back and forth with the storytelling adding delicious content to substantiate the already heavy detailed storyline.

I rarely comment on the cover, but this one needs to be mentioned as one of the best I have seen. There is a certain appeal in the cover, title and the way it is structured and therefore, is worth mentioning.

I recommend this book for fantasy lovers that enjoy cliffhangers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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