Powerful by S.N. Lemoing (Book Review #254)

This review was kindly requested by S. N. Lemoing.

Powerful is the first novel of its series, translated from French. The dystopian story revolves around the magical world of Harcilor. The story is set in a magical world with enchanted creatures. There are two kinds of people living under the reign of King Geldir. The Guardians, which have different magical abilities and the Lesilarens, who don’t have any magic at all. The living situation is hard and people are oppressed. Cyr, a Lesilaren, and his son form a group and slowly plan to create an army to fight against the system. With a little help, Cyr is finally able to create an opportunity to start a battle but as they fight, there are casualties to face.

The story consists of many side scenes and twists that I found very interesting. Cyr and his son Kaaz, who has some magical abilities, were very well-suited characters, working together. There were many epic scenes where sudden revelations happened causing the reader to gasp in shock.

Although the novel’s plot did not seem to be as unique as it could be, the world setting over took the lack thereof, making it a great book to read. The literary standard was superb and the chapters were connected smoothly. The author has accomplished a very well put together story with enough content to add sequels to it.

Last but not least, since this book is translated from French to English, I thought that some aspect of the story may have been lost in translation however, that was not the case.

I recommend this story to all dystopian, fantasy book reading fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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