Failure in Philadelphia? By Catherine Jaime (Book Review #287)

Failure in Philadelphia? Is a short historical fiction about Henry. He is a teenager and servant at a boarding house in Philadelphia. As the time rises for the country to come up with a revision of the Articles of Confederation, Henry is asked to learn and to report back to the British Consul of everything he learns about it. Henry is able to do this because the people that stay over where he works are delegators. He becomes a spy, and that is how his life changes.

I found the book to be very well written. The point of view and perspective of the work appeared to be from a third person narrative. It was as if the entire work was a passive rather than an active voice of storytelling. Since I naturally assumed the book is geared towards the younger audience, I believe a rather active approach would have made a much more significant and better impression.

The literature is well written and the book being short, had enough substance to stand alone as a historical fiction book. The author here has emphasized on the history and the background of the work. It is apparent that she has much knowledge and wisdom on the topic and therefore, is able to produce good work on the subject matter.

I recommend this book for history book lovers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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